Watching John with the machine, it was suddenly so clear. The terminator, would never stop. It would never leave him, and it would never hurt him, never shout at him, or get drunk and hit him, or say it was too busy to spend time with him. It would always be there. And it would die, to protect him. Of all the would-be fathers who came and went over the years, this thing, this machine, was the only one who measured up. In an insane world, it was the sanest choice.
- Sarah Connor

Quick summary of Techdays Sweden 2017

A few days have past since I came home from the Techdays conference. It was an experience in it self to attend the conference, so much impressions and also new ideas forming all the time. The keynote of the first day was not that good, but the keynote on the second day weighed it up bigtime. What a speaker James Whittaker is. I would also like to have that kind of energy and interest in things, it may not be the most neccessary stuff but who wouldn't like to have their hottub connected the internet. If you get the chance to attend one of James Whittakers talks, doit!
It was a shame I had to go mid way through his second talk of the day, but I had to go home. I had a flight to catch.

I left the conference all inspired and excited, but as always my crazy ideas leave my head after a while and that brings me to the first point of my summary.

Take notes (most for my self)

Take notes of everything, and by everything I mean even crazy ideas like my own (Bengtbot is the result from one of them). But also notes when you hear something interesting during a presentation or during a talk with a colleague.

Everyone needs a bot (even Enterprises)

How about a notebot, vacationbot, sickbot, foodbot, timetrackingbot or an Announcementbot. The choice is yours and it's only your imagination setting the limits. Bengtbot your future is bright. The bots need to handle all type of questions or messages, the answer may not be the most intelligent but it can for example always answer by returning the weather for today if the question or message is not interpreted correctly. Bots will help enterprises and/or people perform tasks in the future if not already today. More of this in an other blogpost.

AI is the future

Okay, the quote in the beginning of the post is maybe taking it a bit too far. I don't really think that there will exist Terminators i the near future but (Ro)bots will. They will in some way take over our jobs and also help us performing them if we can believe the keynote speakers from the second day. Just have a look at the section above this one, the type of bots mentioned above is just a few I came to think of during the writing of this post.

If next years Techdays will be as inspiring and interesting as this years I would really like to go on next years conference aswell. Thanks Niclas for letting me attend this years conference."